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My blog is more about our cultural experience in Canada than giving advice about Toronto area.

Lucky you some people do it very well in nicely designed blogs. Check out Brown Bear Travels for instance.


Being an expat’s spouse, there are some rights I lost (see Little Miss Nobody) but we also found out some things we had no idea were expected from us.

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Spring is tax time in many countries, Canada included. Don’t get too excited: I am not going to say we don’t pay any in Switzerland. We do, and by now I am quite sure the Man and I have funded a few schools and some highways by now. I just wonder why they keep forgetting to name them after us.

However, in my country you get a file from the government, nicely asking you to fill in all the mandatory forms (which usually requires between 5 and 17 days of intense concentration and a few marital arguments from any normal human being). You are given a deadline, which can easily be extended by paying a small fee (it is always useful for people who enjoy spending about a year doing their taxes).

But here in Canada, you get no warning, no documents, no friendly reminder from beloved government representatives…However, your documents need to be submitted by end of April.

I am wondering how many new immigrants totally miss the deadline and get penalized for it the first year of their stay.

Lucky us, we are really boring people and administrative pitfalls is our only conversation topic when we speak with Canadians.

Wondering if we can get a rebate for being on time?

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  1. I came last year and this year was my first time doing Canadian taxes. My husband was able to fill for both of us, but i had to find a tax office (the only one in Ottawa) that specialize in U.S. taxes. Unfortunately, i was not able to fill on time. I applied for extension so i hope i don’t get interest penalty when it is time to fill. Fingers crossed !


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