Our Swiss family of 4 (the cat got outsourced) moved to Toronto late December 2013, initially for 1 year. We enjoyed last winter so much we decided to extend our stay.  I am a communications professional, the Man works at one of the GTA hospitals, and the Dwarves (currently 4 and 6) try to drive us crazy wihout ending up with a “for sale” sign around their necks.

                                                                                 4 little Swiss

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Only Europeans from a cold mountainous nation would wanna stay in Canada after being there for the winter. Funny. We couldn’t wait to get back to California after six long winters in Calgary. And now headed to the tropics, snow will be a distant memory (after we spend the holidays in Canada one last time this month, anyway).

    Thanks for the like; Please look for our upcoming posts from Edmonton where we’ll be enjoying the holidays (well, not the cold part). Hope you follow our joureneys

    Rob and Diane


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