The bank job

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We still don’t get the banking system here (see Little Miss Nobody and Rain checks). Must be genetic because we are Swiss, or just because I am blonde.

Can anybody explain me how come I cannot perform a minor administrative change to our account because it is under the Man’s name (I am not even talking about taking a bunch of money out of it or closing the account), but I can cash a $ 2000 check (from Dwarf 2 daycare who decided to overcharge us last summer…he must really be high maintenance) without anyone paying attention to my ID, which I was told was not actually needed?

And yes, my name was misspelt on the check, too.

3 thoughts on “The bank job

  1. I just don’t understand it either …. we recently moved from Australia to Canada. My husband and I went into a bank to open a joint bank account and came out with I still don’t know what!!!! It appears he has his own account with our money in it and I can’t access it from my Interac Card, I need to log into his account online and then transfer money into a separate account that I have access to like some 1950’s housewife getting housekeeping money. It is so weird. We are used to having one joint account that we both can access with our individual cards. Don’t even get me started on Checks. I had not used or seen a check in about 10 years. Determined not to go back in time I refused to order checks however, I had to eat my words last week as we are moving into a rental that will only accept post dated checks for our entire years rental.


  2. Rings a bell! My 2 previous posts on the banking system should make you feel better (or not 😉 ), see the links on The bank job. Regarding checks…I had never written one before moving here…


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