The bank job

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We still don’t get the banking system here (see Little Miss Nobody and Rain checks). Must be genetic because we are Swiss, or just because I am blonde.

Can anybody explain me how come I cannot perform a minor administrative change to our account because it is under the Man’s name (I am not even talking about taking a bunch of money out of it or closing the account), but I can cash a $ 2000 check (from Dwarf 2 daycare who decided to overcharge us last summer…he must really be high maintenance) without anyone paying attention to my ID, which I was told was not actually needed?

And yes, my name was misspelt on the check, too.

Living with bears (just needed a catchy title)

Dwarf 2, stroking my arm with a piece a candy (no, I don’t know why):

– It works better on you, daddy has more fur.

Well, it does not seem the Man really needs such a hairy coat right now: it’s close to 10°C in Toronto -in case you are wondering, I do not mind at all: it’s nice to be able to feel my nose and fingers when I go out.

And to be sure I still own all of them when walking back inside.


Image credit American Dad!
Image credit American Dad!




We are leaving Canada, the Dwarves are making sure we know they are upset and it’s not -25 C here in Toronto. Everything is well.

The Dwarves will obviously attend a new school, and thinking it would help we looked at their respective schedules.

It turns out they get to see a film on a regular basis.

Dwarf 2, a hardcore cartoon fan, was quite enthusiastic about this.

I explained it may not be a cartoon, but a regular film.

“Yes, mom, I get it. We will be watching adult movies.”

Yes, honey, and don’t forget to tell the nice child protection services lady about it.