Dress up day

My luggage and I are currently going through some personal issues and therefore decided to fly separately this morning.

Business travelers quickly learn a few lifesaving tricks. One of them is not to check in luggage. Ever.

However, if an exception has to be made for a good reason (a 2-week business touring of several markets implying some clean underwear along the way, an invite to Buckingham Palace requiring some fancy dresses or the need to repatriate a few tons of children’s books before moving back to Europe), they always make sure they have everything they need for the following 24 hours with them. Always.

Image credit Wisesteps.com

I was reminded of this basic rule this morning at the baggage center, when a gentleman understood with a look of horror on his face that he would have to go to his professional meetings in the clothes he was wearing.  

A Perfecto®motorcycle jacket and a heavy metal t-shirt.

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