A few (typical Canadian) sentences…

…we never thought we would utter.

  • I did not get the trash out, the bins were stuck in ice.
  • Mom, my eyes are cold.
  • The street car never showed up. I walked 3 miles in the blizzard.
  • The raccoons made so much noise last night I could not sleep.

Raccoon on wall

  • Don’t try poutine, it definitely does not taste good.
  • This weekend we are going to a nut-free, alcohol-free YMCA family camp.
  • Hide your beer can, we are in a park.
  • Honey, they are emptying the splash pad because the water needs to be changed, it has been 1.5h already.
  • It’s 36°C, so yes, I think we’ll find an ice cream truck.
  • Man, we ran SO fast after spotting these 2 bears!
  • Dwarf 1 kindergarten graduation ceremony is on Tuesday.
  • So your friend has a mom and a dad, 2 moms, or 2 dads?
  • It’s great to live here, eh?

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