Dress up day

My luggage and I are currently going through some personal issues and therefore decided to fly separately this morning.

Business travelers quickly learn a few lifesaving tricks. One of them is not to check in luggage. Ever.

However, if an exception has to be made for a good reason (a 2-week business touring of several markets implying some clean underwear along the way, an invite to Buckingham Palace requiring some fancy dresses or the need to repatriate a few tons of children’s books before moving back to Europe), they always make sure they have everything they need for the following 24 hours with them. Always.

Image credit Wisesteps.com

I was reminded of this basic rule this morning at the baggage center, when a gentleman understood with a look of horror on his face that he would have to go to his professional meetings in the clothes he was wearing.  

A Perfecto®motorcycle jacket and a heavy metal t-shirt.

A few (typical Canadian) sentences…

…we never thought we would utter.

  • I did not get the trash out, the bins were stuck in ice.
  • Mom, my eyes are cold.
  • The street car never showed up. I walked 3 miles in the blizzard.
  • The raccoons made so much noise last night I could not sleep.

Raccoon on wall

  • Don’t try poutine, it definitely does not taste good.
  • This weekend we are going to a nut-free, alcohol-free YMCA family camp.
  • Hide your beer can, we are in a park.
  • Honey, they are emptying the splash pad because the water needs to be changed, it has been 1.5h already.
  • It’s 36°C, so yes, I think we’ll find an ice cream truck.
  • Man, we ran SO fast after spotting these 2 bears!
  • Dwarf 1 kindergarten graduation ceremony is on Tuesday.
  • So your friend has a mom and a dad, 2 moms, or 2 dads?
  • It’s great to live here, eh?

Sandwich boards

Toronto definitely is a hipster city, and therefore cultivates the art of signage (see Bear with me, the coolest example I have seen so far). Funny to see how beer and patios seem to inspire everyone when winter lasts 8 months a year.

RhymesWho wants beerYou'd be home


                                             PizzaButter chicken

Sex, fashion and sarcasm

                                             BOBWonder woman

And a little bit of culture thanks to the ROM (OK, I admit it’s more a billboard than a sandwich board, but pretty cool, eh?)

ROM Pompei

Seems like social media have left some room for other communications channels. Let’s hope people don’t only look at their phones when walking.

PS For curious minds, other examples, and an interesting post on the Art of Signage can be found here.


Everyone and his dog

Here in Toronto people love dogs. Stores have dog-friendly signs, water bowls or even treats for man’s best friend.

Image credit mydailyphonepic.blogspot.com
Image credit mydailyphonepic.blogspot.com

Couple of times I overheard “Oh, she is sooooo cute!”, followed by a proud “Thank you”.

When I turned around, I could see a tiny mutt or a groomed, ridiculous poodle. I am still wondering if the owner, who seemed to think it was normal to get credit for the dog’s looks, had actually given birth to the living being.

OK, maybe in the poodle case a human being was responsible for the perm. And the pink bows.

Based on the number of dogs around, I have to admit the city is fairly clean and people probably do pick up after their pets.

I however get annoyed when an unleashed, calf-looking creature runs towards me or one of the Dwarves (“No, honey, it is NOT a pony, you can NOT ride on it!”) and its owner just says “Oh, don’t worry, Splurge is very friendly”.

Well, thanks for letting me know, because if Splurge had decided to get an extra snack it would be a bit(e) late.

And I can see he is friendly, because he shared all his mud and a few smelly hairs with me (as a reminder, The Man is an avid jogger and can fulfill these tasks as well, I really don’t need Splurge to step in).