The sharpest knife in the drawer

Switzerland makes it quite easy for its citizens or visitors to pick souvenirs. Who does not like chocolate?

Other options include Swiss army knives or even watches for people who don’t have kids to feed and entertain, and can therefore afford to bring back nicer presents to friends and relatives. 

Being that the Dwarves demand to eat every day we usually stick with chocolate and sometimes knives.

As it seems passengers carrying potential weapons are not too popular in airports nowadays, we carefully packed these sharp gifts. To make sure they would not get stolen, I just stuck them in the Dwarves’ suitcase, in their shorts pockets.

This very smart strategy really made me sweat when I later could not find the knives and remembered I had sent the Dwarves to camp wearing the first thing I could find in their suitcase- shorts.

The thought of Dwarf 1 running some wild experiments implying electricity or a friend’s hand, or Dwarf 2 playing William Tell sure helped me fight jet lag.

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Image credit

What happens in Canada if you send your kids to school carrying their own little pocket knife?

Good thing is, the Children’s aid society already has our number (see Pillow fight).


2 thoughts on “The sharpest knife in the drawer

  1. Growing up in Switzerland I remember how everyone had a Swiss Army pocket knife on them. Everyone. At any time. It was part of what was in my backpack to go to school. Imagine this nowadays. I always had one. Always. It was in my handbag. And then 911 happened and I forgot that it was in there when I traveled next. And they took it from me. But only at the 3rd airport security check on my route… Oh well… You could buy them in the duty free shops and on the planes. Wonder if they still do it? Wonder what it did to Victorinox’s Army Knife business? I still have one and I have it in my handbag. It’s a small one. And I might actually forget to take it out when we travel next… Need to remember not to forget 😉


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