(S)quiz me again

I recently had to sort some Swiss administrative matters via phone. My questions were answered within a couple of minutes, true Swiss efficiency.

In order to identify myself, I had to answer a couple of basic questions. It reminded me of the real quiz we have to go through here, in order to “protect our privacy”. The questions cover a wide range of topics, such as details about the policy we signed up for with this given company, last time a transaction was made on our account or the % of nitrogen in the air we breathe (OK, slightly exaggerating regarding the last one).

But I insist, the question about the last transaction made on the account is a tricky one as I don’t monitor everything the Man is doing with all the money he makes my money yet.

I usually pass the test, only to sometimes be told I am not allowed to solve the matter (see Little Miss Nobody).

The Man is usually pretty bad at it, just replying “I don’t know” when he is not sure, therefore making the customer service person refuse to process his request.

To his credit he has a personal assistant who usually handles these matters, and when she is not authorized to perform the task he gets calls from insurances or financial institutions during his working hours.

Somehow replying to security questions during a patient’s open heart surgery always makes him grumpy.

Image credit savourysoul.wordpress.com
Image credit savourysoul.wordpress.com

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