Everybody but polar bears would admit last winter was a tough one here in Canada. It therefore seems people are enjoying summer even more this year.

This also applies to our neighbors (I decided they are students), who believe a huge outside screen, loud music, lots of friends and even more alcohol should be a given at their place every summer evening.

So the past couple of nights were far from quiet in our street.

Image credit Joe-ks-com
Image credit Joe-ks-com

Oddly enough, I tend to get cranky past midnight: the feeling I am trying to fall asleep on a dance floor never makes me happy (I am actually pretty sure I could, but this would imply way more wine than what we had last night).

I really did not feel like talking to a bunch of drunk students, so I started fantasizing about a 911 call instead. As I was not sure that’s the number to use  to complain about noise (they have people to save, no?),  I just waited, hoping someone would make the call for me.

I knew the Man was not going to help as he had opted for ear plugs and was happily sleeping. As a dedicated mom, I gave up on such items as I feel someone has to hear the Dwarves if they wake up during the night (although I should trust them to jump on our stomachs or heads if they call and nobody shows up).

I then started plotting my revenge: sending the Dwarves outside at 8 am, with 1 great new toy, asking them to play quietly and share.

Good morning, neighbors.


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