Kiss me now, kiss me not

Dwarf 1’s broken arm has made us haunt the children’s hospital waiting rooms more than I ever wanted to (longest wait 3.5 hours, to hear we would not get the Dwarf a new cast, and there is nothing more to do until we take it off).

As the Dwarf pointed out, they could have sent us an email to share the info.

Good thing is, the Man works in the hospital treating the Dwarf. He therefore spent his extensive 20 minutes lunch break with us, of course wearing his OR scrub : 20 minutes is a short time to get changed if you want to eat and maybe hit the toilets as well (knowing washing your hands is not optional).

Most families who saw us chatting together probably just assumed the Man is a very dedicated but odd physician, truly caring for his patients but eating a sandwich while reassuring them about some cutting-edge surgery needed by the Dwarf.

When the Man kissed me goodbye, a woman and her 2 daughters (about 17 and 25- year-old) started to loudly giggle, staring at us. I had been overhearing their conversations for close to 2 hours (let’s say I don’t think they are potential Nobel Prize nominees), therefore I could not resist and had to add: “Yeah…we really clicked” to their attention (after a few hours one would do anything to get some entertainment in a waiting room).

The look on their faces was worth the joke, and now I cannot help wondering if they really believed I started flirting with a staff member while bringing my kid to the ER.

Bachelors of the world, clubs and bars are so passé.

Image credit Aimee ValentineImage credit Aimee Valentine



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