Pillow fight

In real life I keep joking about social services that will end up calling us because the Dwarves speak non-stop and sometimes utter half-truths for some reason, and because Dwarf 2 keeps trying to run through walls (he has not been very successful so far).

Well, it finally happened, we got THE call.

CastDwarf 1 broke his arm falling down the stairs lately. He actually got hit by a pillow the Man had just thrown in order to tidy up the room, and lost his balance. No need to say he had no clue the Dwarf was coming upstairs (without holding the ramp…), and that he feels terrible about it.

Anyway, accidents happen and Dwarf 1, not in pain and not really bothered by his cast, happily tells everyone the story.

We thought we may get a call or some questions (we obviously don’t know what the standard process is here).

The interesting fact is that we got a call because someone in Dwarf 2 class overheard him explain the story to one of his friends: “My brother is in the hospital because dad hit him with a pillow”.

I knew we could count on Dwarf 2 to make our lives more interesting.

PS Dwarf 1 was not hospitalized at all, and the lady from social services seemed to believe me, so we may not end up in jail after all.

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