Pillow fight

In real life I keep joking about social services that will end up calling us because the Dwarves speak non-stop and sometimes utter half-truths for some reason, and because Dwarf 2 keeps trying to run through walls (he has not been very successful so far).

Well, it finally happened, we got THE call.

CastDwarf 1 broke his arm falling down the stairs lately. He actually got hit by a pillow the Man had just thrown in order to tidy up the room, and lost his balance. No need to say he had no clue the Dwarf was coming upstairs (without holding the ramp…), and that he feels terrible about it.

Anyway, accidents happen and Dwarf 1, not in pain and not really bothered by his cast, happily tells everyone the story.

We thought we may get a call or some questions (we obviously don’t know what the standard process is here).

The interesting fact is that we got a call because someone in Dwarf 2 class overheard him explain the story to one of his friends: “My brother is in the hospital because dad hit him with a pillow”.

I knew we could count on Dwarf 2 to make our lives more interesting.

PS Dwarf 1 was not hospitalized at all, and the lady from social services seemed to believe me, so we may not end up in jail after all.

The Perfume

Smart kids give a lot of good advice and after reading my latest post on the topic (see Kids are not pets, a friend explained his daughter bluntly told the lady sitting next to her on a plane that she did not smell good.

Somehow they did not form a strong bond during the flight, and now I am having nightmares about what the Dwarves could start saying in a confined space for 8 hours. And in 2 languages, s’il vous plaît.

Maybe we should consider hiring a private jet for our next flight.

Image credit The Stir by CafeMomImage credit The Stir by CafeMom

Dads are moms who get up at night

Toronto being such a tolerant city, no one blinks when introduced to multiracial, recomposed or gay families (tick the right box). We love the fact our Dwarves are exposed to different family models and take it as the norm.

However, they know the basics and lately asked about the origin of the “seed” necessary to make a baby when a child has 2 moms (I suspect Dwarf 1 was starting to think we had fooled him on the topic).

We simply explained it is true someone has to give the precious seed, but that is does not make this person a daddy. In summary, what makes a dad is the time and love dedicated to a kid, and not biology.

The Man “See, a dad is the person who gets up at night to take care of his baby, unlike…”

Dwarf 2: “A mom!”

Next time this one is sick he’d better call dad, mom will be on vacation.

Image credit sheknows.com
Image credit sheknows.com