Kids are not pets

Dwarf 1 thinks he can tell grown-ups how to rule the world, and will talk to any stranger to make sure the message gets across. Last week turned out pretty entertaining as he felt compelled to explain to a lady who had her 2 toddlers on leashes that “kids are not pets”. Oddly enough, she did not seem to share his views on education and we left pretty quickly.

Kid on leash globe and mail
Image credit The Globe and Mail

Later on at the airport (yes I was crazy enough to travel alone with both Dwarves again), he went straight to a pretty overweight guy, asking him if he eats enough fruits and vegetables. I made him leave before he could keep going on the ravages of junk food.

Do those leashes come with a muzzle?


5 thoughts on “Kids are not pets

  1. kids can become lost in a instant parents cant keep their eyes on them 24/7 they have things htey have to concentrate on when in public so a leash is not hurting the kid, it is protecting them from running off getting grabbed or falling down stairs or cliffs or whatever. leashes have the same affect with dogs too, it keeps them safe. we have become a nation of worry warts about petty things while the big picture is lost.


    1. Yes, but this concept is hard to get for a 6-year old. Moreover, we are Swiss and living in Canada, so not sure about how the idea of “nation” you are referring to applies there.


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