Toronto at war

A great localized Nike campaign.
A great localized Nike campaign.

I have to say I am a bit disappointed: moving to Canada, I was expecting to see bears and moose, but it turned out city wildlife does not really make us dream.

There are, for instance, so many squirrels in our neighborhood that the Dwarves don’t pay attention to them anymore.

They, however, react when they see raccoons.  These mammals can be found everywhere in Toronto. They knock over bins and spill trash and people hate them almost as much as paying taxes.

 I have to admit we naively went from “What a cute-looking animal!” to “Get this aggressive, dirty pest out of my backyard!” – This last sentence actually turned out really handy as it can also apply to the Man or the Dwarves depending on how bad my mood is.

Studies show they are able to remember the solution to tasks for up to three years and they are experts at opening any type of garbage bins (talking about the raccoons, there, and not the Dwarves and the Man who obviously cannot compete with such skills).  When the city of Toronto announced it will be rolling out a new raccoon-proofed garbage bin soon, it hit the front pages, making me realize what huge problems Torontonians have.

No, we are not bringing a raccoon back as a pe(s)t.



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