Birthday wrecks

Image credit Cake Wrecks
Images credit Cake Wrecks

Once a year, each one of the Dwarves celebrates his birthday, and apart from the fact that is makes me feel older I am pretty OK with it (the Man says I don’t have a choice).

Expectations are however pretty high here, and a company /clown / entertainer (tick the right box) is often hired to keep everyone sane -remember, winter is long and having 25 kids playing wildly in our house is NOT a good idea. I have seen it and it was scary.

Dwarf 1 being born in March we were pretty much stuck inside and had to get organized (it went well, thank you, and we still have a home).

Dwarf 2’s birthday was this month, but we postponed the party (bad parents) in the hope we could have it in the backyard. Dwarf 2 was fine with it as he considered the days between his actual birthday and the party were all birthdays for him.

The weather was rather collaborative and we forbade anyone to enter the house (there are trees in the backyard for bio breaks, eh?). We barely noticed the little monsters, everyone had a good time and there are still a couple of plants alive behind the house.

However we had asked for a lemon cake and it turned out to be raspberry-lemon, which did not prevent the kids and some adults to voraciously eat it.Image credit Cake Wrecks

No big deal for us, but check Cake Wrecks  for a good laugh.




One thought on “Birthday wrecks

  1. Glad everything went well 🙂
    I hope my kid never ask me for a clown for his birthday…i am a phobia of them. If he insist, i may have to take a spa day and let his dad take care of everything lol


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