Winter gymkhana

In my world, March means more sun, birds chirping, a little bit of rain…in a word…SPRING.

It is our second year in Toronto, and just as last year, winter is hanging on here. My conclusion is that spring does not really exist here, and that the 6 months of winter are immediately followed by summer – which is fine by me, if only summer would finally get here.

I have to admit I cannot stand scarves, mittens, hats and heavy jackets anymore.

Moreover, getting the Dwarves dressed to go out in the winter takes about 20 minutes. If one is more cooperative, he ends up being ready way before his brother, and obviously complaining he is too hot inside the house. Once shipped outside, he usually comes back after 5 minutes, saying he is now cold (it seems today’s young kids can’t even play in the blizzard for a few minutes when it’s -25).

It is usually when everyone is ready and about to step out in the snow that Dwarf 2 would intervene: “I need to pee”.

After your nervous breakdown is under control (and the Dwarf’s bladder empty), you reach the front door only to find out Dwarf 1 has decided to strip as he was hot “as I told you before, mom”.

By that time you usually get a text message from a family member in Switzerland (“Could we Skype now?”) as well as a sales call trying to get you to buy a brand new electric shovel or any similar accessory you absolutely need.

Parents of young kids should get government-funded nannies to help them out in the winter.

making mom crazy

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