Do you follow me? (part II)

Image credit Artionet
Image credit Artionet

After intensely analyzing social media (see Do you follow me, part 1), the Man came to the conclusion that, due his current highly international exposure, he might indeed create a LinkedIn profile. It took him some time to complete it, as he kept complaining about the complexity and the stress the whole process was creating (coming from someone whose daily job is not to kill anybody by using numerous drugs and machines, the comment certainly was unexpected).

Once this hefty task was over, we spent several romantic evenings punctuated by “Hey….I know him!”, “Ha, funny, this girl is now working there” or “Incredible, my kindergarten teacher is on LinkedIn!” (yes, Honey, social networks are actually made of real people…usually).

This has been going on for several weeks now, and thanks to mandatory military duty for men enforced in Switzerland, the Man’s network is today quite impressive.

Am I too old to enroll?


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