January was mostly spent in Switzerland for us, and I have to say it took all of us some time to recover from eating 5 fondues and 1 raclette in less than 3 weeks.

And as everybody knows February is a short month, which did not give me enough opportunities to write.

I thought about using the record cold temperatures Toronto experienced as an excuse (seriously, who can type with frozen fingertips?) but I did not find it interesting enough, as everyone is talking about it. My personal theory is that The Man once again managed to bring crazy weather upon the country, therefore achieving a near perfect score (winter 1: polar vortex; winter 2: coldest month of February in Toronto ever).

Good side of it is, the Dwarves will be able to brag about the fact they did ski when it was -25°C, and still are the happy owners of 10 toes and 10 fingers (each).

Their parents however have a few less dollars in their pockets as they had to heavily invest into hand warmers.Snow


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