Dough not lie to me, Mom

We have been living in Toronto for almost a year now, and the Dwarves call it home.

It seems to us Dwarf 1 has always been cool with the fact to move overseas, probably assuming grown-ups would know more about topics he is passionate about, such as flower anatomy, outer space, animal physiology or electricity (yes, he is pretty open-minded when it comes to asking questions).

Dwarf 2, however, 2.5 at the time, had some concerns.

At first he was not too convinced we could actually go to Canada, as his favorite Teddy bear was afraid of flying. This was solved quickly by sending Teddy to a fear of flying workshop (so he was told).

Dwarf 2 realized we were not going to cancel the trip easily, and decided to find better arguments: “Mom, we cannot go to Canada…they have no play dough!”.

Needless to say this did not work too well either.

We did not bring play dough; it seemed to us we had more important items to pack:

Toilet paper in Canada
Credit Yahoo Answers


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