Avoska (perhaps-bag)


Toronto is so international that I should have expected to experience some communist leanings as well (and you are welcome to click in order to get some free cultural knowledge about avoska, in case you were sick the day your teacher explained all about it at school).

How did I end up staring at empty shelves? Just by naively assuming I could simply go to a store and buy new winter boots for Dwarf 2, whose feet had suddenly decided it was time to become grown-up’s last February. However, I learned the hard way that most Canadian shoe stores do not restock. It does not matter if it’s freezing outside and every Torontonian has to fight 2 meters of snow every time he gets out the garbage.

I was surrounded by summer shoes, open sandals and stilettos. Being that Dwarf 2 is not able to walk properly without banging his head against a wall, a tree or a person at least every 5 minutes, stilettos were rapidly eliminated. Moreover, he is a boy.

This day I came back home empty-handed.

We once more managed not to end up under social services scrutiny by finding a pair of boots (on sale, s’il vous plaît) at a ski resort a few days later.


This year, we purchased boots, jackets, mittens and masks for the Dwarves in October.

In case you are wondering: last January there also was a stock shortage of winter masks, which means the Dwarves used the Man’s from time to time. The latter did not appreciate to find various non-identified greenish substances in it on a regular basis and we had to invest in personal gear this year.

So now we are fully equipped, and it’s still 3°C outside.

Where is the polar vortex?


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