Do you follow me?

Explaining to the Man the reason and use for social media is like convincing a 3-year old to donate all his Halloween candy to charity: a noble endeavor that will certainly end up in screams and arguments, and possible injuries of one of the parties, or both.

As I am not only using social platforms in my job, but also taking time to take courses about them, the topic has arisen several times lately, usually when we get a chance to carry a normal adult conversation (about twice a month between 10:45 and 11:02 pm, when the Dwarves are asleep and we miraculously are not).

The Man does not understand why someone would post anything on Twitter, arguing he can contact his friends directly if he has something to tell them. When I suggested sharing with a broader audience, the reply was quite straightforward: “Why would I like to share anything with perfect strangers?” (yes, the Man can be a tiny bit autistic sometimes).

After numerous discussions, I eventually could feel I was making progresses as he is beginning to digest some concepts:

“So, a follower is like a husband, but one who would actually be interested in what you are saying?”

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