Why does my country flag always appear next to the restroom?

Toronto is so international and diverse it did not take me long to feel at home.

Moreover, I truly appreciate the fact most people here know a bit about the rest of the world and, unless they are pretty drunk or stupid (one not excluding the other), they do not get mixed up between Switzerland and Sweden.

Some years ago, I lived in a neighboring, English-speaking country for a year (let’s call it the Big Anonymous country as their military power is quite noticeable) and got people totally confused by trying to explain Europe in general.

Nevertheless, I love the other country as well (you got it: by saying this I mainly want to make sure they don’t decide to wipe Switzerland off the map, which would definitely be a shame for all chocolate-lovers worldwide).

However, there is one thing I still cannot figure out in neither Canada nor the Big Anonymous country: almost everybody knows the International Committee of the Red Cross, it has been around for over 150 years. It was founded by a Geneva-born Swiss gentleman named Henri Dunant (no need to thank me for helping you impress your friends with your great general knowledge).

By analogy, a flag displaying a red cross on a white background nowadays stands for first aid or medical kit.

Now… here is my problem: it’s called RED cross, and if I remember right, most 3-year olds can recognize the color.
So can someone explain to me why my country flag ends up next to the restroom in most public spaces?

First aid

Apart from this, it always makes me feel great to see the Swiss flag is systematically displayed on lifeguards t-shirts. Makes us feel loved.

Come on, guys, I know we have St Bernard dogs in Switzerland, so we must be pretty good at rescuing people, but did it never occur to anybody than the red cross should be red?


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