The boss is always right

Jimmy's Coffee Toronto (photo credit Cory Doctorow)
Jimmy’s Coffee, Toronto (photo credit Cory Doctorow)

Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.

Earl Wilson

Late last year, my company CEO, who himself lived in Canada for 3 years, pointed out to me this country is the perfect blend between North America and Europe and I would love living here.

He was totally right.

What hurts is:

a) Realizing it took me about 11 months to fully digest something I was told about a year ago (I must have some boa DNA in me, which added to blondish hair, certainly does not speed up my thinking process).

b) CEO’s can sometimes actually be right, unlike what people at the coffee machine will tell you at work.

I have been lied to all my career.


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