Canadians are extremely nice people.

Worried we would flee the country for good, and probably also concerned we would contact some human rights committee of some sort from the airport, they kept apologizing to us about the harsh weather conditions last winter.

During the first weeks we took the crazy temperatures well, as it is what you expect when you move to Canada at the end of December.

Moreover, such weather conditions allow you to make new experiences, which is the whole point when you live abroad.

I, for instance, got a chance to explain to the Man I had not managed to get the trash out as it was totally stuck in ice. Can you think of a better excuse ever?

I also have to admit I never imagined Dwarf 1 would ever say “My eyes are cold” as I was pretty sure I had covered every possible part of his body before walking him to school. He has a strong tendency to complain about almost everything, but cut him some slack, it was -24°C on that day.

When temperatures make you laugh…and then cry.

Although Switzerland is not really the Bahamas when it comes to climate, I have to admit this was a long winter according to my standards, and the expected -15°C mid-March almost got me to throw myself through the window. Then I figured out the snow would absorb the shock anyway, so what was the point?

As November is approaching, people are starting to talk to us about winter again. Weather experts seem to think the coming one will be even worse (worse meaning colder and icier in the mind of normal people like me).

In March we are going to Cuba, just to make sure I am not tempted by defenestration again.

 N.B.: Plan B would be to go to Switzerland, where you usually can enjoy winter sports without having to count your fingers every time you spend 10 minutes outside.

And we also have our weather prophets:


2 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. “My eyes are cold” – Haha.

    Even I meet a lot of people who tell me about how cold it can get. But I love talking about and getting people to talk about. They speak very animatedly about the winter! And it’s always a fun conversation


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