Bis repetita placent

Most people present at our wedding ceremony do not remember my dress nor what we ate that night. However, they all remember that the Man tried to drive through a closed pass (it was in January), repeating our car was a 4 wheel drive and we would make it (for those who are wondering: yes, he might be a bit stubborn from time to time…or is it a man thing?).

The car eventually got stuck, resting on its frame and a lot of snow.

We arrived 1 hour late at our own wedding dinner, and all our friends are still laughing at us.

We went canoeing last week in Algonquin Provincial Park. Water was really shallow sometimes and at some point everybody said we could not go through. Our friends opted for an alternative route, which is very good because they were able to take pictures of us once we got stuck.

I am wondering if the canoe was a 4 wheel drive.

Mom, dad, there is no water!
Mom, dad, there is no water, is this normal?

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