Bear with us

Several years ago, the Man and I were hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains late September, and I was a bit concerned about grizzlies. At the end of our vacation, he told me I should consider starting therapy as he did not feel my fears were “normal”.

In my defense, I consider that being afraid of a 300 kg bear able to kill me in about 30 seconds proves I am totally sane and never followed this great piece of advice.

Moreover, there are not many bears were we usually live (not many meaning one or two going to Switzerland on an excursion when they feel like taking a vacation from Italy). Usually the media is so busy talking about them you always know exactly where they are.

Still, I am scared of bears. And now, I cannot say there are not many in the country where I live.

Odds to meet one are pretty scarce in Toronto, except at the zoo, and I am totally fine with it.

Last July, while spending the weekend at a resort, the Man almost ran over a young black bear. He saved his life (the bear’s, not his own) by jumping on the brakes.

Let’s hope the bear will remember it if we ever see him again when hiking in the woods.


The only 2 bears I agree to share my life with.

4 thoughts on “Bear with us

  1. I’ve never had a direct grizzly encounter but I did see lots of “evidence” (i.e. their poop) while I was horseback riding in the Rockies for a week as a teenager. Apparently our group leader (at the front of about 20 some odd riders) did encounter one — or rather three — his horse nearly stepped on a pair of cubs as we came around the corner on a trail. The mother, a little further ahead on the trail, apparently stood up on her hind legs, looked at the group of riders and decided to move on. We joked that the leader was going to need a new pair of undies. I’ve also had an extremely close encounter with a black bear on my first backcountry hiking trip. He inspected our campsite regularly throughout the night, and our group needed to “scream” to scare him off several times. In between checking us out, we listened to him fish in the nearby lake all night. That was rather unnerving and made for a very sleepless night. But for the most part I’ve really only seen them off in the distance… a very safe distance — despite lots of experience in the backcountry.


  2. Liebe Floriane,

    Als eminente Veterinärin kann ich Ihnen mitteilen, dass Sie rein gar nichts von Bären verstehen. Ich lebe mit ca 23 Exemplaren zusammen, die alle wohlerzogen sind.
    Mit freundlicher Hochachtung
    Frau Doktor


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